What is FYP?

FYP is a vehicle that drives movement. Movement in your life, in a direction that brings you closer to YOU. Taking you out of the future, encouraging you to let go of the past, and to find yourself present. Presently grateful for the moment you are in. Providing you with a judgefree environment where you feel the love surrounding you, are inspired to take chances, empowered to be AUTHENTICALLY YOU, and compelled to share your light with others. Whether it’s through our camps, programs, fundraising events, or ambassador program, FYP creates a happy contagious energy that must be felt. 

Who is FYP for?

No labels. Just heart. FYP is inclusive to anyone and everyone. FYP stands by equality. Equality is only reached through the intention of love and respect for all. At FYP, we believe passion is a feeling from within, one that is universal. Although your inspiration is individual to what touches your heart, the love that it brings out of us all is the same.  We see you through the goodness of your soul. Through that goodness let us help you find your greatness.

What is the Ambassador Program?

Inspire others to find their passion by living through yours. If you are interested in joining the FYP Revolution and sharing the love through your own adventure then send in your application to join our FYP Ambassador Program.




How does FYP find their cause?

When choosing how we can join hands to serve our human family, FYP looks for a cause that embodies our values. Whether you are a resilient individual who is living your passion, a compassionate person/group committed to serving your community, or a cause that empowers others to live their truth, FYP welcomes all. We will hold all submissions for the full calendar year they have been entered into. Timelines will vary cause to cause depending on the needs of each.

How can I become a part of the FYP Family?

FYP has created a variety of programs and events you will find on our website such as summer camps, fundraisers, festivals, networking events, and speaking engagements. Each is a great opportunity to feel the contagious energy that is carried wherever FYP goes. We invite you to join us, sharing the love of the moment, and connecting with each other to grow stronger together, leaving as empowered individuals.

Ages to volunteer?

We have Junior and Senior Counselors for our camps. The junior Counselors consist of high school students, 9th-12th grade. They are each eligible to receive VISA gift card or service hours as compensation for work. Senior Counselors are for those 18 and older who are eligible for compensation through hourly payment or service hours. All volunteers interested must submit application by set program deadlines which will be found posted with the specific event information.



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