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This past July, one of the young girls in our FYP family, 11 year old Catherine Muir began her battle with Leukemia. Catherine embodies everything FYP stands for. She is the definition of fearless, not allowing this to change how passionately she lives her life. Inspired by Catherine's courage and perserverance, FYP teamed up with sister company EVLV to help her and her family overcome the odds and win this fight. The FYP Back-to-School Color War served as a fundraiser where the profits went to the Muir family and to help Catherine Muir fight. With the Help of RVA Athletes & EVLV, FYP was able to put on an amazing event. FYP is committed to stand behind Catherine's Fight until she herself is walking away with that contagious smile of hers, cancer free.



Past Fundraisers

Brock Berenato Scholarship  |  Yearly

This is a scholarship set up to provide underprivileged youth the opportunity to become apart of the FYP family during our summer camps. We are all born into this world with the right to equal opportunity, and at FYP we do everything we can to ensure that right is exercised. 


Ryan Metzger - Journey to American Open  |  December 2016

Upon discovering her passion for weight lifting after her college career as a gymnast, Ryan Metzger was determined to do whatever it took in and out of the weight room to be the best. With a relentless commitment to her goal of establishing a name for herself in this arena on the national stage, competing at the 2016 American Open Finals, Ryan represents everything FYP stands for. FYP got behind her and raised enough money to ensure she would be able to grab hold of this opportunity she earned for herself. She is currently lifting for the largest and most successful weightlifting team in the nation, East Coast Gold Weightlifting. As the current Virginia state holder in snatch, clean and jerk, and total of her weight class, she ranks within the Top 10 in the Nation as a 53kg lifter.


Lauryn Hutchinson - Pursuit of Professional Soccer  |  March 2015

FYP’s Founder Lauryn Hutchinson was training with the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National team at the time patiently working behind scenes to make her move into the NWSL, one of the top women’s professional leagues in the world. She earned the opportunity to try out with the Houston Dash but financially was unable to make the trip out there to see it through.  The FYP family wasn’t going to let opportunity slip away. With the help of the community we were able to fly Lauryn to Houston, TX to showcase herself at the tryouts. Her passion drove her to put in all of the hours of dedication to make sure she was ready to seize the opportunity when it came, and she did. Currently Lauryn is a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Women's National Team and the Co-Founder of EVLV, a female soccer program focused on empowerment.