Motivational Monday

Although you have always been told that time doesn’t stop for anyone, you seem to either be stuck in the past or longing for the future, absent from the present and allowing time to escape through the back door. But when you are too caught up in your memories or imagining a life for yourself later on, you’re missing out on the little things; the seconds that turned into minutes, that later turned into days, weeks, and years. You’ll look back and realize that your life happened somewhere in between your faded photographs and the empty memory card you were planning to fill up.

We can’t forget that time is moving forward without the ability to pause, and although the nature of time is endless, our time does expire. Appreciate the time you have been gifted with by being present. Take chances, go on that trip you have been dreaming about for awhile now and call your loved ones and let them know how much they mean to you. Turn that someday into today. Lay your head on your pillow at night proud of what you did and find gratitude in everything your life consist of. You might not get the outcome you wanted right away, but by trying you’ll often find yourself in a better situation than you were hoping for in the first place. Life is about taking chances, pushing past your comfort zone and doing things that makes your heart skip a beat, or preferably two.

Life is happening right now and your mentality towards it is the only thing you can really control, so when years turn to weeks, weeks into days and minutes into seconds; aim to be the best version of yourself and be so full of energy that other people can feel it too; be magnetic. Be bold.

Own your moments and turn them into beautiful memories.

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