Motivational Monday

Okay, let’s talk about life for a second, or most likely for a minute or two because when I start to scribble down my thoughts on a piece of paper it’s hard to stop. I will try to not make it too wordy, but I cannot promise you it won’t be.

First and foremost: imagine life as a painting.
And don’t shake your head with a vague smile and stop reading, I’m actually serious.
Life. Painting. Focus on that now.

To create a beautiful painting you need a lot of tools, and also a lot of time, right? Your painting will change direction numerous times, and often times start over from scratch. Sometimes you may have the desire to throw your project away and never see it again. And that’s okay, it’s all apart of the process to go from idea to execution, from a blank canvas to a colorful and majestic piece of art.

Your process starts with inspiration. A vision of where you want to go, giving an initial direction for when your brush hits the canvas and accepting that although your vision sparks the process, it’s simply just a rough sketch. And the beauty of this process is that there will be a variety of unexpected strokes, colors and patterns throughout it that will not only shape your own masterpiece but also reflect where you came from and your journey towards where you are now.

Throughout this whirlwind we call life, we’re constantly working on our painting. Maybe you choose a vibrant color scheme; maybe you stick with black and white. However you choose to create, the most important thing is that it’s your decision and no one else’s. Sometimes you will get stuck, like when you can’t seem to master that corner you’ve been working on for a while now. And other times you will find yourself lost in the painting, stroke after stroke moving with each moment of inspiration.

The most important part of this process is simple: Each day brings you closer to completing your work of art. So whenever you’re stuck in a bad place and nothing seems to go your way: remember to paint anyways. Because our life consists of fragments from both the vibrant color scheme and the black and white one. It’s the collaboration between the two that makes us who we are. Never stop painting. Only through doing will you be able to master your technique.

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