Motivational Monday

Here at Motivational Mondays you’re supposed to be inspired, almost like a fueling station for anyone to read and be motivated to continue being the best version of themselves. Since this is the 5th blog post for Motivational Mondays, I wanted to highlight the founder of Find Your Passion as we have celebrated five years since the launch. 


 Combining your passion with your career, and translate it into a purpose is probably one of the most vital goals I have in my life. I want to be exceptional at my work, but I also want to wake up in the morning, motivated and excited about it. I want to know that what I am doing, all these hours I’m spending in an office, translates to something that matters. I want to work at a place where I can use my enthusiasm for life, and radiate it to people around me that are in need of an extra boost.


Defining passion is hard sometimes, simply because it can be so many things. But according to me, being passionate about something expresses a bigger meaning than just participating. Lauryn, the founder of FYP, is a person that radiates the true meaning behind the word passion. Lauryn’s love for soccer goes beyond the field. Instead of just playing the beautiful game, Lauryn has founded an organization — a platform for people to join a movement where passion remains the primary source. Because why just participate when you can invest thousands of hours to develop a community for everyone around you? It's pretty fascinating.


Find Your Passion is an organization that Lauryn has worked exceptionally hard to create and bring to life. It’s an organization that allows people to find their passion through services, programs and events. It encourages self-exploration, drive community connection and to fearlessly live through what inspires them. Lauryn has provided a platform for not only herself, but for everyone to live life to their full potential.


As I am a recent graduate, with ambitious dreams but very little experience, it’s incredibly motivating to see that with the exact amount of passion you can achieve practically anything. My dream is to be a writer, to inspire people with my thoughts, and to one day hopefully work for a big non-profit like UNICEF. The road is long, but being surrounded by inspiring people with an impressive record, showing that with tremendous work and a sincere heart for what you believe in, you can go as far as you want. 


So thank you, Lauryn, for developing a community for everyone to find their passion.

Find Your Passion