Motivational Monday

Have you ever been told to stay strong when you seem sad or going through a difficult time in your life? As if being strong means to not show the many questions you’re battling with internally? Sometimes we forget that we all have imperfections and weaknesses, and when everyone around us constantly pushing us to stay strong we assume that means to put on a front that hides what we are truly feeling within. This is a natural assumption based off of how society has led us to believe that strength lies in the appearance of seeming unphased in times of struggle.

Being strong simply means that we have the mental and emotional qualities to deal with difficult situations, qualities that cannot be possessed if never developed. Your strength lies in feeling the pain and the fear of failure. Strength is when you look at your emotions in the eye with the mentality to push beyond them. Being strong is feeling every step of the way and using your feelings to understand yourself and become aware of what makes you uncomfortable. Because by becoming aware of the “why” behind it all, you can find answers of how to navigate your way through it. By not turning away from the challenge and instead growing through what’s in front of you, you will be able to dictate how to not run into the same wall later on.

When you turn away from the obstacles on your journey through life, you hand over your control to the external things rather than dealing with it internally. By giving yourself a chance to see beyond and not running away, you will gain confidence in your ability to overcome hard times. Strength must be developed and the only way to do so is by riding out the waves that hits the shore. When you allow yourself to ride the waves, it will become a smooth ride over time. Your confidence in your ability to swim will bring you to a point where you don’t feel like you are gasping for air, but instead flowing in the same movement as the waves.

Because the truth is that we're not always in a place without fear, doubt and pain. And honestly: that's okay. Our ability to consciously feel every moment in our lives is what makes the human experience so beautiful. So give yourself permission to authentically be you and always remember that it’s okay to feel, whatever that feeling is.


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